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Lots of opportunities; a lot of warmth; a lot of fun; a lot of passion - that's what fuels great times and great careers at TechMBS. Have a look at some of the experiences our people have enjoyed.

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The journey so far with Tech Mahindra Business Services has been good and quite encouraging. It gave me the confidence of “I Can Do It”. It feels great to get rewarded as the best performer for the quarter and it also helps me for further performance. I look forward to deliver my best performance in my current role and also would love to learn new things to establish myself for a better position in future. A great thanks to Tech Mahindra for giving me an opportunity to work with them and overcome my difficulties

I joined TechMBS in July 2012 and it’s been an excellent professional journey from an Advisor to a Team Leader. The 3 years I have been with the company are the most rewarding and best learning years of my BPO career. As long as you have the determination to work hard, there are no limits to how far you can reach. TechMBS provides the right platform and environment for work-life balance, career growth, recognition and job satisfaction. As a result, I leave work each day with a strong sense of accomplishment from helping our customers and I am also thankful for the strong and supportive relationship I have been able to develop with my managers.

My journey in TechMBS, spanning almost 5 years has been a memorable one. The best thing about working here is the vibrant work culture and tremendous learning, which have helped me become a better person and a better performer. My supervisors and peers have always lent a helping hand and have helped me develop my skills, both professional as well as personal. The organisation has helped me broaden my horizons through various initiatives.

It’s been a very good experience because I have got several opportunities to improve my corporate skills, adjust with changing situations at work and give my best efforts in not only the areas I excel but new challenges for me to further hone my abilities. The work environment in TechMBS is extremely positive and competitive, the management are open to listen to new ideas and incorporate them.

I have completed four years in this organisation and my journey thus far has been brilliant. I feel lucky and excited to be a part of such a reputed business organisation.
TechMBS provides ample opportunities for its people to learn more and grow. I hope to see TechMBS, my organization, grow even more and continue to be an industry leader.

The best part about TechMBS is that it is an employee-centric organization and the effort taken by the entire management to ensure that it stays that way is commendable. Also the campaigns, the Rewards and Recognition are amazing and the way they are managed only adds to its charm. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been working with the best people managers ever which makes my working experience even more pleasant.

It’s been almost 3 years that I have been working with TechMBS.

My journey so far has been excellent. I have learned a lot in this organization & grown as a person not just professionally but also personally

I’m extremely happy with the initiatives that TechMBS has, such as the Learn Grow Lead programme as it’s given me the opportunity to learn more & get ready for the next level.

I certainly see a long future with TechMBS & hope to continue enjoying my work everyday.

My journey with TechMBS has been very exciting and a great learning experience.

The 9 years that I have spent with TechMBS have been fruitful and enriching.

Each day I feel excited & energetic to come to work.

Fab place to work! Great People! Great Atmosphere!

I have been with the organisation for over 12 years now. I joined as a team coach in 2003 and have had an amazing journey so far. I feel an immense sense of pride and gratitude about belonging to this organization. I have seen the most exciting, challenging and fun filled days here. The best part about working in TechMBS is that each day brings a new challenge and excitement your way and I enjoy the thrill of achieving the unimaginable goals. I have the privilege of working with some world class leaders who inspire me to challenge my own capabilities.

TechMBS is a fun, dynamic company that I love working for. Over the past few years I have been a part of the Risk & Internal Audits team. The positive vibes in the organisation provides assurance that we are steadily but surely moving to be a workplace that is at the top of its game. The organisation provides opportunities to learn & upgrade skills, deliver optimally, while creating an enjoyable & fun workplace. It’s satisfying & enriching to be in such a vibrant space with motivated individuals with an intent to deliver the best to our customers, be it internal or external.

The journey at TechMBS has simply been outstanding. Even after completing so many years I still have the same excitement as on my 1st day for a very simple reason that I love TechMBS and I just can’t see anything beyond TechMBS!

Life has never been same since I joined TechMBS. This journey has been so smooth and fruitful; would want to thank everyone working here, you all deserve a big applause!

TechMBS is an amazing place to work. I have grown so much personally and professionally while working with TechMBS. It provides a strong, stable opportunity for growth while supplying all of the tools necessary for success. I also had the pleasure of meeting so many new employees and watching them grow in their careers as well. The culture of TechMBS is a core value that everyone plays a part in.

What started as a stop gap arrangement has been the most enriching part of my career. After 12 years of working with different skillsets and teams, moving from an advisor to Manager, I still find myself learning and growing; personally and professionally. The is because of the people I work with and because of some brilliant People Managers who truly know what it is to be employee centric.

I have been a part of this organization for more than 8 years now and have stuck around for the culture and the work environment. The skills I have learnt during my journey have helped me evolve both as an individual as well as a professional.

The organization follows an open door policy which makes it easier to approach anyone from the management in case you have any issues or concerns. Apart from this there are also various tools and other options to sort out all challenges. The facilities provided for employees are some of the best in the industry and there are a lot of engagement and other activities thus bringing a perfect blend of work and fun. The best part of my day , when I come in to work is my team who is my second family.