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Lots of opportunities; a lot of warmth; a lot of fun; a lot of passion - that's what fuels great times and great careers at TechMBS. Hear our people’s Proud to be TechMBS experiences.

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My journey with TechMBS has been very exciting and a great learning experience. The 12 years that I have spent with TechMBS has been fruitful and enriching. I may have not grown in designation but have definitely grown as an individual. Each day I feel excited & energetic to come to work as I have great friends here... to me its “Home away from Home.” Fab place to work, Great People!! Great Atmosphere!!

“Since 9 years I am praising the organisation because I believe in getting better every day and that’s what I sense with TechMBS. It has been a marvellous journey so far and I am not settling down unless I do the best and get recognized at a Global Scale representing Tech M.”

I have been with TMBS for the last 6 years. The overall exposure to business and people has been my greatest takeaway till date as it has made me a contributing individual in all spheres. Every Year my role has been evolving. It has maintained my interest level & a sense of constant learning. I have been given opportunities, though challenging always brought out the best in me. The constant need to push myself ensures that I do not get saturated at my work. I have always had great inspirational leaders and colleagues who have been extremely supportive. I don’t think I would have received such effective support and guidance in any other organization.

The Employee Friendly culture that this organization has, is my driving force to come to work every day. Just realized., “No wonder my wife always says that I love my job more than her.” Jokes apart, having worked for many organizations in the past, TMBS culture has that proper balance of work and respects every employee’s life away from Work. The greatest motivation for me to do well is that my organization provides jobs to thousands of people and if not done well, it impacts all of them. The opportunity and warmth that is associated with all folks at TMBS is amazing – It’s contagious and fully appreciated – it’s my home away from home.

I have been with TMBS for over 9 years now and have enjoyed and appreciated the company’s priorities, insight, and culture. I am part of the UK Operations team, and from the start have been impressed with how well-staffed the team was, with the right mix of expertise, a good plan for accomplishing the work, and managers with great vision. TMBS is a company that operates with a positive attitude and has its priorities right. They care about their customers and employees, working considerately and competently with both to enable them to succeed. They use insightful planning for growth, employ the best resources for each challenge, and continually look ahead to upcoming needs. And they maintain a corporate culture that demonstrates high ethics and values as well as makes the employees feel appreciated, supported, and proud of their work.

I truly enjoy the family atmosphere that TMBS provides. In life we spend the majority of our time at work, so it is refreshing to know that you come to work at TMBS with the same family atmosphere you have at home. The open door policy that TMBS provides makes you feel important and it makes you feel like you are part of something special. I am proud to be a member of the TMBS family."

Here I have the opportunity to express my views, which are respected and help bring new ideas to the agenda for growing the organization. Having in the past worked with other companies, I find TMBS commitment to its employees far above what I experienced anywhere else. It gives me a real sense of pride to be a team member of this forward looking growing corporation

What started as a stop gap arrangement has been the most enriching part of my career. After 14 years of working with different skillsets and teams, moving from an advisor to Sr. Manager, I still find myself learning and growing; personally and professionally. The is because of the people I work with and because of some brilliant People Managers who truly know what it is to be employee centric.

“I have been a part of this organization for more than 11 years now and have stuck around for the culture and the work environment. I started as an advisor in operations and then moved to Internal Communications which has now evolved to Brand & Communications. The skills I have learnt during my journey have helped me evolve both as an individual as well as a professional.

The organization follows an open door policy which makes it easier to approach anyone from the management in case you have any issues or concerns. Apart from this there are also various tools and other options to sort out all challenges. The facilities provided for employees are some of the best in the industry and there are a lot of engagement and other activities thus bringing a perfect blend of work and fun. The best part of my every working day is my team who is my second family. Together we manage the Branding and Communication requirements for entire TechMBS and look forward to new opportunities to showcase our innovative and creative ideas.”

I completed my four years in this organisation on 11th of October’15. My journey was brilliant, in fact I find myself lucky to be working with such a reputed business organisation. When I look behind it provides me great feeling & honour, now when I talk to the people that I work with Tech Mahindra Business Services Ltd, their reaction is awesome.

TMBSL provides ample of opportunities to the employees to grow, programmes like Lear Lead & Grow are great growth opportunities to the employees. I wish my organisation grows miles, Thanks!.

I started my journey with this organisation 15 years ago on 25.10.2002 which was my first day in Hutchison Tele services India Pvt Ltd now known as TechMBS & have thoroughly enjoyed my 15 years at TechMBS

I saw the growth of this organization from scratch to the top position in the BPO sector. The values & work culture of this organization allowed me to grow & learn. Values like being open & honest, keeping your word & taking responsibility helped me to grow professionally as well individually. I feel that I am growing along with this organisation. I got immense satisfaction in facing new challenges / opportunities thrown before us during last 13 years under TechMBS.

TechMBS is a highly focused company and is very clear about its vision and mission. I have always had opportunities and challenges beyond my current role to prove myself and achieve greater heights

TechMBS is a nice place to work with colleagues and supervisors always ready to provide their support. TechMBS provides various training to all employees. Opportunities to Learn Develop & Grow are always there to help me to further prune my skill set. I have been given opportunity to express my views in portal like OpenSpace, Employee Survey etc.

I am made to feel that my contribution to TechMBS as an individual is valued by the organisation.

To sum up I am happy to call myself as belonging to TechMBS family & feel fortunate to be a part of such a great company.

“I have been in this company for more than 13 years now! What has made me stick to this company for so long is the culture, support of the people & the freedom to express myself. Working here, I don’t have to think about taking my own decisions & carrying it end to end. It’s a great place to work for & I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to one & all. Thank you TechMBS”

It’s been a very good experience because I have got several opportunities to improve my corporate skills, adjust with changing situations at work and give my best efforts in not only the areas I excel but new challenges for me to further hone my abilities. The work environment in TechMBS is extremely positive and competitive, the management are open to listen to new ideas and incorporate them.

“Over the last 8.5 years I have transformed from being an individual to a professional; and have also witnessed many colleagues doing the same. Every day is a new learning and it makes me stronger and able to take up new tasks and responsibilities. Proud to be TechMBian. “

TechMBS is an amazing place to work, with a dynamic and diverse environment which fosters learning and growth. You get to learn a lot, and are provided with abundant resources that help you grow professionally. I really like how the organization has an open desk policy , so everyone can collaborate and help out each other. New ideas are encouraged and implemented. The culture is young and dynamic and employees are encouraged to be innovators in everything they do.

“My best time working has been at TechMBS. It is employee centric and takes immense pride in being there for employees need. The work culture and management have been more than supportive. They have made sure the team works together and there are no loose ends. Rewards and recognitions are just another way of saying “Good job done” my desire to come to work every day is only an outcome of what a great place TechMBS has been. I am glad to have wonderful and supportive teammates, equally professional and helpful managers and an extremely fruitful environment to work in @ TechMBS”

TechMBS nurtures talent, groom advisors to become leaders and each day is a new learning experience. Warm approach towards employees and an open & honest culture make the organization the best in class in the industry. It has been a great journey so far with TechMBS and looking forward for lots more adventure and opportunities in future.

I nourished a desire to be an integral part of an organization that would create me into the best being, and in this superb company, I feel respected, and trusted by my managers and the colleagues. This brought in me the self-realization of my strengths and the deficiencies were all extinguished at the primary level. I still discover new dimensions of life and professionalism from the ever robust and electric people who you can observe and judge the invincible opportunities that this HOME of mine is beckoning to offer me. In this wonderful work environment and atmosphere of elemental change, I look forward to more success and growth.